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There is so much content on product management and growth about products that are used on a regular basis but so little around low-frequency/episodic/infrequent consumer products. I spend most of my time building and growing infrequent products. Currently, I am the VP of Products at PropertyGuru Group (properties) and previously was with Intuit-TurboTax, PayPal (peer-to-peer payments), and Amazon.

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I have spent over dozen years managing these products, from taxes to proptech to peer-to-peer payments. I write one article per month on the strategies & tactics for managing and growing infrequent consumer products.


I am currently the VP of Product at PropertyGuru Group. I build and grow infrequent consumer products that have impacted millions of users. Previously, I was leading products at TurboTax (Intuit), PayPal, and Amazon.